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Nature’ Signature

Duro’s Nature’ Signature- Premium Veneers & Plywood's from Sarda Plywood Ind. Ltd- India.

Duro’s Nature Signature (A product from the house of Sarda Plywood Industries Ltd.) offers a commodious range of world class premium quality veneers with the look and texture of natural wood. These wood veneers are imported from Europe, Africa and America . Veneers find wide applications in areas like residences, commercial spaces, retail environment etc.


  • The huge collection of more than 250 exotic species comprises of elegant 7rich veneers like Dyed Ash, Black Limba, Distressed Smoked Larch,Elm Burl,Bog Oak, Lauro Prento, Santos Rosewood, Macassar, Ebny, Wlite Ebony and many more
  • Tripl heat treated so as to get finest sanitized veneer with controlled resin/oil
  • Extra back face of hardwood veneers,for warp proof construction
  • Double Pressed on hardwood plywood
  • Veneer thickness available in 0.5mm,to ensure high quality workmanship.

Elite Collection

Aura range of veneersThere is nothing that stands on a more venerated platform than our Elite range. These veneers are the cynosure of all eyes with their immense aesthetic versatility and superior quality, making it the perfect choice for home décor. This range comprises of an exhaustive range of 200 varieties of world’s best A++grade of veneers. Hand picked from forests across the word, this range is truly the No.1 choice of architects, designers and craftsmen.

Aura Collection

Aura range of veneersAdd a magical halo to your interiors with our Aura range of veneers. These veneers reflect mesmerizing hues balanced with exquisite light & shadow effects. The current trend leaning towards the dark species of wood has led to the development of this totally new category of veneers.These are some of the finest dark veneers available across the globe and are processed entirely and exclusively in Germany.


shuffleShuffle is a highly unique range of veneers created by fusing two separate veneers into one.This pioneering technique produces divergent grain structures and creates a design language hat is unimaginably beautiful. This technique ensures you get a brand new product each time and can be availed across our entire range.

Fumed Collection

The alluring chic collection of smoked veneers brings unmatched sophistication.The use of high quality raw material guarantees a premium product that is safe,durable and aesthetically brilliant. Choicest colour schemes and exquisite designs add the wow factor to your space and bring even your deepest desire to life.


LandscapeLike the true art, the landscape collection breaks away from the mundane patterns to explore new expressions of originality. The horizontal grain structure provides a refreshingly modern look and the innovative design gives your world a beautiful new perspective.

Architect Grade

Architect GradeThese veneers are repleted with lavish high quality and inimitable finish and are bound to pass muster of any demanding eye. Being by far the best quality veneer that nature has to offer,they stand alone as the most priced and treasured pieces of art. Their pure and elegant grain structure has high consistency and stand for continuity. The Architecture Grande veneer range guarantees the beauty of nature in its finest form.


FlexFlex allows a new dimension to your creativity.Its ready adaptability to bending,shaping and curving these veneers in any which way you wish,makes impossible possible.

Collector’s Edition

Collector’s  EditionTrue to its name, the Collector’s Edition is a range of veneers which are too rare and never repeated. Here are some masterpieces that deserve the most haloed position in any display. These veneers are unique in their beauty and exclusively available with Duro’s Nature Signature. Bring home these remarkable veneers which will impart an exclusivity and special ownership to your décor.

Limited Edition

Limited EditionSome good things don’t last forever. Hurry up and grab these special creations of nature, which are going to turn extinct very soon, and possess your own piece of history from the world of wood.

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