Beautify your living room walls with luxurious texture

“Texture is the most enduring and ubiquitous underpinning of form… Certainly a calming, meditative, and appealing world for both eyes and mind.”

The living room is the focal facet of our house, which makes it evident for us to add some extra effort to its décor. For accentuating an area, luxury is something that immediately pops in our minds. And what else can be better than adding textures on the walls that too with a touch of luxury and royalty?

Textures have been a master-blaster in case of that preferred depth and dimension to the walls of a corner. Why? Because with textures you prevent chances of flop an undone living area can bring forth.

At Ventura International, the deluxe range of textures of veneers for walls, interiors wall panels, and wall laminate sheets are available for you to choose from and make your heart go round.

Textures draw attention in a single go.

Being the primary part of your guest’s visit, the living area yearns for a luxurious tint to grab their eyeballs every single time they strike it. And textured veneers, wall laminates, and wall panels are those important elements that bring the required attention to the corners effortlessly.

They add much-needed charisma that insinuates life to your living area. The texture is like a piece of ornament that adds grace to your living area. So, clear all your doubt clouds and plunge into the trendy range of textures. All available for veneer sheets, wall panels, and wall laminate sheets here for you at our store.

Go a bit “Extra”.

“Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.”

There is no harm in going a little extra with your requirements especially if it is for your dream house. Our textured veneer for walls, wall panels, and laminate sheets here plays a vital role in case you are looking for that “extra” for the walls of your living area.

Textures are available in an ample range of shades as per an individual’s taste. From subtle and chic looks to dark and gothic impressions, it’s all over here. Guarantee of an extra tub of luxury for sure.

Play with colors and patterns.

As discussed before, textures are available in different shades, colors, and patterns. Wherein you get a chance to play with them and model the walls for your desired corner as per your wish. The main options to go for are:

Dark colors
Dark colors in texture ( available for veneers, decorative wall panels, and laminates for wall
) are always a promising option if you desire to impart a gothic view to your living area. They create a subtle atmosphere in your area and make you seek a longer stay. Moreover, dark colors are always a classy choice that you can opt for in your living area.

Light colors
Light colors bring a pop-off effect. Some people love the peppiness and that is where these
colors work marvels. But, the light shades of textures in our interior wall panels, wall laminates, and veneers are so modest. For instance, the sky blue shade of texture is one of those that brings a tranquil ambiance to your place. So the choice is all yours!

Thus, all these textures of veneers, wall laminates, and interior wall panels add a good fraction of volume to the walls of your living area. The serene and cozy vibe along with exceptional designs worthy of an eye-roll is here at your feet.

Ventura International assures you a wide range of top-notch elements. And nothing less than that. Do not linger anymore. Explore our incredible collection to please all your interior decoration cravings.