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Valchromat Is Much More Expensive Than MDF - Why Would I want To use It ?

Although it is more expensive in its raw state, there are many reasons why Valchromat works out more affordable in its finished state than MDF. You are using a totally different and unique product. It is probably the only ready to use wood based panel that doesn't intend to imitate wood

It has created its own look with a universe of decorative possibilities. It is coloured all the way through which means that it can be repaired very easily and because of the high quality and extra strength of the board it machines beautifully making possible our amazing range of CNC designs, A quality duco'd finish on , these production costs are significantly reduced. many people also choose to paint Valchromat... especially when choosing a white finish - Its unique qualities and excellent cutting surface for design work guarantee the user a superior finished product in the colour they require.

Is it Normal For The Routed Boards To Be Slightly bowed?

When a board manufacturing process which involves heating and coolong, there are tensions and stresses in a board, When a board is cut these tensions and stresses are released are released and can cause some movement, When a board is routed the face on one side of the board is effectively removed or altered which releases the tension unevenly.

It is difficult to predict the amount of movement there will be due to each board being slightly different as well as different designs having different effects on the surface of the board. The larger the size of the board, the more exaggerated this would become, If they are to be "hung" from a rail, this problem is generally overcome by building a frame on the back of the boards which helps to keep the boards flat

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