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  • The Laminates can be easily cut like normal ply and laminates, and bonded to standard base materials like Ply or MDF with regular adhesives.
  • Laminates are suitable for use with food stuffs and can be cleaned with mild detergent.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • These Laminates are meant for Indoor and Vertical surface applications.
  • The Laminates are covered by a protective film to prevent damage during transit.
  • Usage in humid environments is not recommended.


Size available in 2440 x 1220 mm (8’ x 4’) and 3050 x 1220 mm (10’ x 4’) upon request. 2) Unicorn MCS Collection available in sheet size :- 2440 X 1220 MM (8' X 4;) & Thickness 1.5MM

Application Area:

Doors, Table Tops, Wall Paneling, Work-Tops, Counters, Kitchen Shutters, Wardrobes, Storage Units, Vanity Units, Home Furniture Items, Office Paneling etc.

About Architectural Laminates:

Ventura is proud to introduce their premium range of “Architectural Laminates”, a specially curated collection of classic, modern and subtle laminate designs, by virtue of our more than 25 years experience in the arena of high end interior products. These Laminates have an everlasting aesthetic appeal and are designed to spontaneously respond to your creative whims. The flowing, dynamic shape of these laminates give the décor an elegance found only in nature. These architectural Laminates are available in three exclusive ranges – Amber, Beton and Fablam. These surfacing solutions create an aesthetic look and offer its customers a dynamic range to choose from. So take a look at our range and think out of the box to design timeless offerings with Ventura Architectural Surfaces. The term FLUTES typically refer to the grooves running vertically on a surface. Fluting was used in Greek and Roman architecture, particularly on columns. Ventura brings the same concept and spatial effect to their range of Architectural Laminates in their latest range FLUTES. These Laminates come in a wide plethora of Wooden and Pastel shades with a subtle and modern fluted surface. In European art and literature , for the last thousand years or so, UNICORN has been depicted as a white horse like animal with a long straight horn projecting from its forehead. The internationally acclaimed METLAM Laminates is an extensive range of of laminates with genuine metal surfaces like Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Brass and Steel and is embossed in a variety of patterns and textures. The METLAM collection is available in a diverse range of over 150 designs, with finish options that range from Brushed, Matte, Mirror, Patinated and Magnetic among various others. The collection is curated from the best design palette of our leading international partner ; Dekodur, Germany