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1. The Button-fix concept is simple: durable nylon buttons are attached to the back of one panel and the mating fixes are attached to the other. Bring the panels together and slide until the Button-fixes ‘click’.
2. Button Fix is available in 4 variants Button Fix Type 1, Button Fix Type 1 Flush, Button Fix Type 1 Bonded & Button Fix Type 2.
3. Type 1 Button-fix is used for connecting parallel panels where proven strength is paramount. This type is ideal for interior fit-outs, renovation and furniture projects and its strength has been verified by an independent test house.
4. Type 1 Flush Button Fix is used for applications where panel – panel contact is necessary. They are designed to fit a simple oval rebate.
5. Type 1 Bonded Button Fix is used for applications where screw fixing to the panel is not possible like in mirrors, signage’s or lightweight panels. 6. Type 2 Button Fix is used for connecting panels at 90 degrees
BUTTON FIX from UK, is an innovative solution designed for furniture construction and interiors fitting. They form secret, secure and configurable panel fixings. The Button Fix system is made up of, durable nylon buttons which are clicked to fit into a mating fix attached to the back of the panel. Button Fix is the ideal option for panel fitting. Ergonomic and easy to install, Button Fix is especially configurable to a wide range of panel fittings across different environments and circumstances. It is safe, secure and the absolute final word in all operations related to easy, convenient assembly.