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1. Nature’Signature is the country’s largest collection of A+ grade natural veneers and comprises of more than 250 exotic species in Natural, Fumed, Dyed, Metallic, Distressed and Burl categories.  2. The species include Classics like Ash, Oak, Sapeli, Walnut, Anigre to Dyed Ash, Oak, Figured Maple to Exotics like Ebony, Ziricote, Santos Rosewood, Bog Oak, Distressed Veneers in Oak, Ash, Walnut, Fumed Oak, Larch veneers and Burls like Elm Burl, Mappa Burl, Walnut Burl and many more. 3. The veneers are double pressed on hardwood plywood. 4. The Decorative Plywoods are Triple heat treated so as to get finest sanitized veneer with controlled resin/oil. 5. An extra back face of hardwood veneers ensures warp proof construction. 6. The Veneer thickness is 0.55mm, to ensure no delamination or sanding off during polishing.


2440 x 1220 mm (8’ x 4’) Thickness :- 4mm

Application Area:

Doors, Table Tops, Wall Paneling, Work-Tops, Counters, Kitchen Shutters, Wardrobes, Storage Units, Vanity Units, Home Furniture Items, Office Paneling etc..


Duro’s NATURE’SIGNATURE offers a commodious range of world-class premium quality veneers with the look and texture of natural wood. These wood veneers are imported from verdant forests all over the world including Europe, Africa, America and Asia. A veneer is a specimen of the pure brilliance of wood. It exemplifies the infinite possibilities of nature’s mood swings and wonder. The journey of veneer starts with the identification of the flora, which in turn influences the look, pattern, grain and color of the veneer. The grain is determined by the slicing methods employed. The veneer after slicing and grading is joint and spliced into layons using various matching techniques under the watchful eyes of experts. Finally the veneer sheet is mounted on plywood or other surfaces, ready to be used in high-end woodwork, furniture, and paneling, to beautify your interiors. Duro’s Nature’Signature has set high benchmarks in the world of luxury interiors and takes opulence to a whole new level with its accent on exclusivity and élan.