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1. The tiles are made of a special type of hi tech polymer which makes the products strong, durable and light. 2. The tiles are easy to install with the modular, push button system. 3. The sub frame can be directly installed on the paneling surface with screws. 4. The tiles are available in Silver, Gold, White, Black and Anthracite colors in matt and glossy finishes and White in glossy finish. Any other color can be supplied subject to a minimum order quantity.    


NORM Thickness:- Thickness 2 mm & Regular Hexagon 80 mm, Lowest Point 10 mm & Highest Point 45 mm. Penta Thickness:- Thickness 2mm & 180 x 180 mm Lowest Point 42.5 mm & Highest Point 72.5 mm/ Spline Thickess:- Thickness 2.5 mm & Length 321 mm x Width 260 mm Highest Point 65.5 mm. Mabel Thickness:- Thickness 2 mm / Regular Hexagon 85 mm Total Length 235 mm, Highest Point 35 mm Lowest Point 12 mm. Zeta Thickness:- Thickness 1.5mm & Regular Hexagon 80 mm, lowest point 8 mm & highest point 38 mm


Application Area:

Doors, Table Tops, Wall Paneling, Work-Tops, Counters, Kitchen Shutters, Wardrobes, Storage Units, Vanity Units, Home Furniture Items, Office Paneling etc.
The innovative 3D WALL Panel System collection is a modular system in its own unique shapes and designs. The form and structure of the respective designs have been derived from specific shapes, such as the hexagonal Norm system, the pentagonal surface for Penta, curved and flowing lines for Spline the polygonal structure of Mabel. Three dimensional hexagonal tile Zeta.
  • SPLINE features a 3D visuality inspired by the flow of curves and contours. It captivates visitors with its elegant and simple design.
  • PENTA employs a complex system of sloping surfaces in pentagonal outlines, which can create the illusion of depth for your walls.
  • NORM uses a system of small hexagonal tiles laid on a surface pivoted at varied angles to show differing shades and create subtle imagery and graphics.
  • MABLE is the latest introduction in this product range. Small polygonal tiles in opposing directions combine to create a subtle geometric stripe giving a sense of depth to the wall.
  • ZETA three-dimensional hexagonal tiles, "ZETA" is an elegant version of the honeycomb pattern. Their angled faces lead to a nuanced symphony of shades and can be arranged to create subtle images and graphics.