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3D Wall

3D Wall is the latest wall panelling design creating waves in International Design Circles because of it’s stunning design and an innovative technical structure. 3D wall is a leading brand and creative name of the 3d decorative wall panel design in Turkey market since 2009.

The product is composed of small hexagonal tiles made from high tech special polymer. These tiles are metallic finished geometrical patterns which are both trendy and futuristic, adding sparkling charm to your interior spaces.


  • The tiles are made of a special type of hi tech polymer.
  • Easy to install with the modular, push button system.
  • The sub frame can be installed on the panelling surface with screws.
  • The length of one side of the hexagonal tile unit is 8 cm, and the height moves from 1 cm to 4.5 cm as per the slope of the tile.
  • Available colors are Silver, White, Black, Anthracite and Copper. Any color can be supplied subject to a minimum order quantity.

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