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Button Fix

Type 1 Fix Sets

Button Fix is an innovative fitting solution designed for furniture construction and interior fitting. They are simple, durable nylon button which is attached at the back of the panel. Available in 2 variants Button Fix Type 1 and Button Fix Type 2.

These butons attached at the back of the panel with appropriate screws and the matching fixes are attached to the other. The panels are brought together and are slided until the button fixes click. Type 1 fixes can safely weigh 200 Kg, while type 2 can weigh 80 kg.

Button Fix Type 1 can be configured in many different ways to best suit your application, either surface mounted or rebated into the panel, and oriented for vertical or sideway assembly.

Type 2 Fix Sets

Button Fix Type 2 is ideal for applications where the emphasis is on ease of fit rather than strength, with a simple push/pull fit it, it does not require 15mm drop down engagement as on type 1 fix. Setting out the fixes will depend on whether the panel overfly or are mounted within the background structure.
Precautions: Avoid any contact with aggressive solvents and cleaning products. Type 2 fixes should only be used on vertical panels or in applications where the weight of the panel does not act to separate the fixing. In critical application always use the safety cord.

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