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FORESCOLOR manufactured in Korea is an engineered wood fibre board having unique colours and texture .Its unique appearance and consistent colour varies from surface to surface and gives a mesmerizing visual effect. These products are eco-friendly and are manufactured using natural vegetable adhesive from soy. Its ultralow formaldehyde emissions are no greater than those released by a tree in nature. These are ideal for all interior application in multiuse facility which is sensitive of indoor air quality.


  • High moisture resistance due to high melamine content of resin, can be used in various humidity prone areas like kitchen, bathroom etc.
  • Nontoxic and excellent colour fastness due to use of special resin and organic dye.
  • Consistent colour distribution from surface to all the way through
  • Tool friendly due to excellent density and high melamine content of resin used, there is little or no sanding required after machining
  • Fire resistant


  • Interior material for commercial or office facilities
  • Wall panel, door, moulding
  • Exhibition booth, stage sign
  • Furniture, Interior decoration
  • Acoustic panel, display or display wall panel for shop
  • Toy ,educational pool, picture frame

Embossed Boards - An Ambience of Exceptional Sophistication

Like true art, the FORESCOLOR edition is an eco-friendly product manufactured by using natural vegetables that breaks away from the mundane rhythms to explore new expressions of originality. The precise metal embossing technology gives magnificently well-defined solid patterns, delivering a refreshing modern look. Its excellent density gives your world a beautiful new perspective for all interior applications. It boasts of its high moisture resistance as well as fire resistance for the safety of your home, meeting all the parameters of safety standards.

This FORESCOLOR edition offers you the versatility of designing elegant interiors with ultra low emissions of formaldehyde and TVOC and health safety.

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