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Luxe Laminates


Venturas Metlam is imported from the world leaders in laminate technology, Homapal, Germany & Chemetal, U.S.A.Metlam is a range of laminates with genuine metal surfaces which brings the same metallic effect so familiar to human civilization a visually striking manner. Metlam is being extensively used in showroom displays, residences, office interiors, specialized furniture, exhibition displays, cinema multiplexes and numerous other innovative applications.


  • Varied range of metlam includes more than 100 brushed, polished, matt, lacquered, embossed designs and patterns in real aluminium, copper, steel and brass surfaces.
  • Fire retardant as per international meritime organization standards
  • Laminates do not contain formaldehyde in accordance with DIN EN 717-1
  • FSC Certified
  • Size available in 2440*1220mm and thickness varies from 1mm to 1.5mm


Venturas Wallenstein from Germany is a natural handmade laminate giving a sensual look. One of the surface “Stone”, is created through small and irregular wells on the surface, giving it the feel of naturalness of concrete and a puristic-minimalist look the rust surfaces are true replicas rust,stone and metallic designs. Wallenstein can be used in residences, commercial spaces, retail environment and display floors.


  • UV resistant surfaces
  • All surfaces are handmade with creativity in Germany
  • Products are ecologically harmless and easy to recycle
  • Available in Size:8’*4’ and thickness available in 1.5mm


Magnetic laminates from Hompal,Germany are a perfect amalgmation of functionality and design. Magnetic laminates are used in various applications like shop window design,display and information board,kitchen furniture etc.


  • High magnetic effect for tracking memos,brochurs and even heavier items
  • Available in several colours depending on the surface finish
  • Can be used using with chalks or board markers.
  • Also available with a reduced light refection effect for image projection purposes
  • FSC certified
  • Free of formaldehyde in accordance with DIN EN 717-1
  • Size available in 2440*1220mm and thickness varies from 1mm to 1.5mm

Arti Pelam

Ventura presents the Arti Pleam from Hompal collection, Germany their newest product line of laminates. These laminate come with artificial leather surfaces in various textures and patterns. The product range comprises of 12 different decor with a variety of embossing and contemporary effects providing the designer with a totally new material, for a vast range of interior design applications


  • Easier to care for than real leather and more robust
  • Available in convenient & easy to use laminates form
  • Comes with embossing on hard HPL core and can be processed with standard carpentry tools
  • UV resistance is higher than that of real leather
  • Far fewer chemicals used in the production process
  • Size:8’*4’,thickness:1.5mm


Ventura’s holz collection of laminates, also from Homopal,Germany offers unique surfaces of real wood veneers in a variety of textures.Thus,this is a natural product with all the typical characteristics of wood


  • Projects the characteristics of wood, with convenience of usage as a laminate
  • FSC certified
  • These surfaces are Melamine coated and covered with a special protective film
  • Available in a variety of veneers like Ebony, Grey oak, Limed Oak,Teak,Wenge &more
  • Texture include Short eared,Roughly cut,Shingle &Long carved
  • Size available in 2440*1220mm and thickness varies from 1mm to 1.5mm,

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