How to add colours to your home’s interior

It is undeniable that colour is one of the essential elements in interior design. It can transform a home’s entire atmosphere, as well as alter the perception of its size. But in general, people are too scared to experiment with colours and instead stick to the basics. Although you are looking to add some colours to your interior and need just some guidance, this read might help you! You can start with choosing a colour that will be the primary colour of your interior and then select 3-5 colours, which will be your accent colours. Finally, you can add colours through furniture, fabrics, curtains, rugs, wallpapers, etc.

Importance of colours in the home interior: Colors have the power to influence people’s emotion, creativity and even social standing. When you are trying to introduce some new and exciting colour to your home, you change not just your interior but also your personality. And that is why to create the impression of your interior; the best colours are those that have a soft nature and reflect the beauty of nature and its surroundings.

Choosing Your Main Color: This is an essential step of the process. The colour you choose will set the tone for the rest of the house. You could play it safe with a simple, clean palette or be bold and daring with a stark look. Whatever your style may be, it needs to feel cohesive in order to look beautiful.

Selecting Accent Colors 

Choosing the right colour for your accent is crucial, as they have to be your focal points. The placement of your accent colours is also critical. For example, you can use the colour yellow on your sofa and accent your living room. You can try using the accent colours in your kitchen and your bathroom for a wholesome look. Accent colours can bring an exquisite and vibrant look to your home. You will need to pay attention to the surrounding environment to choose a colour that will get your desired design vision to life. For example, if you think of a more classic feel in your living room, you might want to choose a white room with green & brown as an accent colour. You can play around with plants & wood, in that case.

Adding Colors Through Furniture, Fabrics, Curtains

If your house has a traditional feel, you can try using bold patterns, colours, and geometric shapes. This will add a bit of an exciting contrast with the subtle, luxurious interior. You can even go as far as mixing the colours to create an entirely different look. To add more variation to your furniture, you can choose textures such as leather, upholstery, and metal. Try different types of accessories like wine holders, ashtrays, and jewellery stands. You can also use different paint colours, marble and granite countertops, mirrors, and decorative pieces. You will be surprised by the way the result can change the look of your interior. However, through the process, keep your main and accent colours in mind. This will help you create an aesthetical theme that shows!

These tips are straightforward to follow, and each of them can be done with a little bit of effort. Start applying the tips today to make your house a happier & vibrant place to live in!

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