How to build contemporary yet classic interiors

A classic interior is timeless. But what if you’re building a new home, or you’re tired of your old interior and you just want something fresh and new? Choosing between the two can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. You can go contemporary & classic at the same time. The first is all about sleek, minimalistic lines and bold, vibrant colors. The second is more about timeless, traditional design that ignores trends. Here are 5 ways to take your interior design from classic to contemporary.

Choose a current colour scheme.

It’s the simplest way to freshen up your space without making drastic changes. Many people are afraid of colour and feel like they are attempting to combine pop culture with their interior design. If you want a look that’s new, modern, and minimalistic, don’t assume that vivid, primary colours are “gone”. Instead, consider how you can incorporate the colour into the design without overwhelming it. Complementary colours should be used. Don’t be afraid to use bright colours like blues, reds, green or even yellow. But keep these as your accent colours, just for some particular furniture or decorative elements. Let the rest of the colours be neutral.

Add a few modern pieces to the mix.

Classic interior design is described by classic pieces such as perfect neutral colours, straight lines, and clean countertops. Rather than starting with just a beautiful all-white interior, mix in a few contemporary elements to keep the look fresh. Such as a large abstract painting hanging on the wall in the foyer and the bedroom with rich black and white wall prints. In the kitchen, you can consider a stylish metal shelf or bar cart. Modern inside planters are another option, which can look both classic & contemporary.

Make a statement with traditional, timeless decor items.

You know the ones that aren’t for sale because they’re too cool? E.g., the hallway’s wide armoire, the great room’s wicker lounge chair, the guest room’s mid-century rug, and the guest bathroom’s abstract print. These items have seen a lot of use and are well-liked by many people.  A few antique elements must to be put to use. They must be handled with dignity. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to build contrast; all you have to do is add something new.

Include some contemporary art.

Art or other decorative items are still present in the most classic interior details. They bring visual appeal to the room and can be used in a variety of ways. Use bold designs, both traditional and modern, such as a well-made, heavy tapestry or modern acrylics. These pieces can be used as a focal point or as a minor accent in any space. Contemporary art also makes an ideal focal point for guests and family pictures. Stay classic Conversation pieces, like vases and bowls filled with fresh blooms or vintage garden figurines, are classic and timeless. Classic floral arrangements look right at home with traditional furniture, like coffee tables or dining chairs.

Patterned Rugs can make a statement:

Use these extra colourful elements as a jumping-off point for your design and make them the room’s main focal point. Consider animal prints and abstract forms if you choose to use a lot of vibrant colours and patterns. Choose neutral colours if you’re more focused on a classic look. Suppose you want to go for a more modern look and select graphic, vivid, and experimental colours. Don’t get caught up in the colours. Pay attention to how you feel.

The trick to creating a timeless and classic interior is to stick to a basic colour palette with a few accent colours. It all comes down to choosing the right colours to make your room feel welcoming and inviting. Hopefully these tips have given you some inspiration. While you may not need them for your new home, they can be extremely helpful if you want to update your interior without trying too hard.

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