It’s pretty intriguing to see an industrial colour — as neutral as grey — gaining so much popularity as a preferable shade for interiors, isn’t it? Yet more perplexing is its adoption rate!

So, let’s try and understand why this shade popped up so much in almost every trend, what color-psychology says about this colour, and the different techniques to apply it in your interiors.

Grey has a modern, simplistic feel to it. It’s a unique colour that can pair with many other colours or textures. It’s also a neutral colour that doesn’t have a lot of connotations or stereotypes. That’s what makes this colour a perfect option for interiors in the modern minimalist world. The shade also helps improve other colour’s appearance, which could be another reason for its growing popularity.

Here is a list of some common shades that work well with GREY:-

1. Gold

Like any other color, grey also has many shades, and a dark grey color scheme works well with an attention-grabbing unpredictable shade, such as Gold. Besides, you will always possess the option of mixing shades and randomly sprinkling colors to make your space look alive.

2. Dark Green

Green is mostly associated with nature, and invigorating your space with the same can give you quite a relaxing experience. Besides grey, you can even introduce silver color to make your room classy

3. Lime

You can add some other bright colors as well, such as neon green or lime, to grey interiors to make it more appealing. An appropriate filling of colors can give you a funky vibe along with a sense of sophistication.

4. Orange

Grey is always seen as a boring, neutral and simple color. Well, it isn’t too wrong! However, it can make your space more attractive and calm with some lively and eye-catching shades, such as peach and orange.

5. Red

Let energy and passion flood-in through your interiors with a fiery color such as red along with grey in between.


Apart from the above-mentioned combinations, grey interiors are also used in combination with dark furniture. That works well too! The key is to use different shades sparingly without covering the whole space. Besides, you also have the option to experiment with the different shades of grey.

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