Reasons To Choose Laminates for Your Wardrobe!

One of the most essential parts of a bedroom design— wardrobes are more than just storage facilities, as they most often double up as part of bedroom décor. This is why they deserve a good amount of attention, especially when you are designing your interiors. The design process of wardrobes including the kind of finish that they are going to have is directly proportional to how your entire bedroom is going to look and how long the wardrobe design is going to withstand wear and tear. The design, colors, and external finishes you choose for a wardrobe can bring their own appearance and texture. The market is filled with options when it comes to wardrobe finishes from decorative veneer plywood to mirrors. However, designer laminates are the perennial favorites owing to their price effectiveness, pre finished advantage and durability, all this coupled with natural and premium wood looks.

From being highly resistant to water damage to being one of the most cost-effective and low maintenance, luxurious wardrobe laminates are also easy to clean and are highly durable. Good quality wardrobe laminates also come in a wide range of designs, colors, and finishes, including textured, high gloss, and matte finishes. If you are on the search for designer laminates in Delhi, read this article about why this wardrobe surfacing solution can be perfect for you.

  • Wide range of styles and finishes: Ventura International’s luxurious wardrobe laminates are available in a wide range of new trendy designs, including  AMBER, FABLAM, BETON and METLAM comprising of mirror, brushed, vintage copper, magnetic, and zinn patterns and finishes. They have a huge style chest of timeless designs to choose from, from trendy Metlam for indoor and vertical surface applications to vibrant versions of architectural surfaces for installing in dining surfaces.
  • Offers great stability and durability: Most surfacing solutions, in general, are susceptible to seasonal changes and may experience undesirable effects such as expansion and contraction. Ventura International laminates have high dimensional stability, which means they are more resistant to changing seasons and can be used in any climate or environment.
  • High resistance against surface wear and tear: Several external factors, such as mechanical, physical, or chemical actions, can damage the appearance of your wardrobe surface over time. Luxurious laminates from Ventura International strike the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality, providing excellent resistance to surface wear and thus avoiding the dangers of gradual surface erosion.
  • Easy maintenance: Wardrobe laminates are simple to keep clean because they can be cleaned with regular soap and water. Abrasive cleaners should be avoided at all costs; instead, use mild soap and water. For instance, architectural surfaces laminates from Ventura International can be used for making dining furniture and food cabinets as they are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Aesthetic appearance: Laminates are machine-made sheets made by bonding decorative paper and plastic resins together. Luxurious furnish laminates can also be designed to look like natural materials such as wood, metal, mirror, or vintage. It’s simply a matter of selecting the appropriate product to achieve the desired look and feel. So you can let your creativity loose when designing your wardrobe to complement your personal style and décor.

If you are on the lookout for an exciting wardrobe laminate design, your search ends here, as we introduce you to one of the premier destinations for superior-grade decorative laminates. Ventura International offers an exciting range of new-age laminates in Delhi NCR for your interior décor. The superior quality and luxurious finish laminates are ideal for all climates and environments and have a plethora of features like stain resistance, dry heat resistance, crack resistance, and surface wear resistance. Browse our wardrobe design catalog for more ideas and discover an exciting range of wardrobe laminates to match your décor.