How Legno Klads Makes A Style Statement To Your Home Exteriors

While your home might have the latest home decors and the best quality interiors, it’s the exteriors that people notice first and it is one the first things which leave an impression. Home exteriors are an extremely important part of your dream home and are just the thing that makes a house feel special. Adopting the latest style statements for your home will not only elevate your home in your neighborhood but will make you feel proud every time you walk in through the front gate of your property.

While there are several fancy new additions that can be adopted while building your home exteriors,  Legno Klads is certainly the coolest kid in the block and deserves every bit of the hype it receives. If you love the look of wooden cladding for exterior walls but want something more durable, Legno Klads is the way to go. While there are many options out there, if you are on the hunt for WPC cladding in Delhi, Ventura International offers the best of options to choose from. If you are confused about  Legno Klads here is all you need to know, along with all the reasons why you should explore it, here are all the reasons why!

What Are Legno Klads?

Legno Klad is a stunning and innovative exterior cladding panel that has arrived in the Indian Architectural Market, and is also promisingly nicknamed the “The Future of Facades”.The word Legno Klads originates from the Italian word for wood “Legno”, and these gorgeous claddings show off the rustic appearance of natural wood but come with patented Synchro Real Wood Embossed Surfaces. Manufactured with the latest co-extrusion technology, this material is an amalgamation of 0.6mm high polymer material coating and high strength composite material core. This makes the Legno Klad resistant to scratches, splintering, moisture and termites, making them the super material which is guaranteed to show no discoloration for 20 years.

Why Choose Legno Klads?

If you are sold on this miracle material yet, let’s check out some of its winning features below!

  • Appearance: The Legno Klads come with a modern open-joint appearance and an exceptional natural wood imitation, which provides it with an incredibly classy appearance. They are modern, yet timeless and add a refined, yet rustic touch to your home. By choosing Legno Klads for your home exteriors, you will forever be greeted by a home that not only works hard against the elements but looks stunning while doing so. Legno Klad, available primarily in Ventura Internationals, comes in four colors, smoke grey, stone grey, teak, and walnut, which offers tons of variety and flexibility when it comes to decorating your home.
  • Durability: This super material is high, strong, resistant to mildew, scratch, splintering, and moisture, and is also 100% resistant to termites. Legno Klads is also fungus-resistant, impact-resistant, and scratch-resistant. The large bearing capacity offers superior long service life, and the high-grade polymer surface coating is a prime example of durability, and it is exceptionally adaptable to various weather conditions. Needless to say, the Legno Klads will stand tall and strong for years to come and is the perfect fit for home exteriors!
  • Easy to work with: It is surprising how Legno Klads is so gorgeous in appearance and durable in functionality but is also incredibly easy to work with. Whether it is its quick and easy-to-install format, or its hollow profile and high strength built, the material is quite an easy one to work with. This makes this material such an easy pick and incredibly approachable too!

Homebuilding is certainly no easy feat, but when you choose the best of materials and the finest additions to feature in your home, the results speak for themselves. By choosing Ventura International, you are assured of the fact that you have chosen right. Ventura International is the exclusive manufacturer of Legno Klads and you should definitely give them a visit if you want to try out this material! Whether you are looking for better alternatives of wooden cladding for walls or WPC cladding, this is just the place for you.

Ventura International has redefined the approaches of architectural and interior designing, representing the epitome of craftsmanship, unmatched quality, and enthusiastic services along the way. With a more liberalized import regime, Ventura international is out to change the country’s landscape and make previously inaccessible interior and architectural products more easily accessible. Whether you are going for external cladding like the Legno Klads, or you are exploring more interior elements, Venture International will provide you with comprehensive solutions for every step of your home building or renovating adventure!