Introducing yet another path breaking product from Ventura – Fiberwood Exterior Cladding. Choose a Modern yet sustainable & natural architecture with this extraordinary product.

A Cladding is a skin-like external finishing scheme or an additional non-load bearing layer that serves a dual purpose. It helps to shield the building’s interior from the harsh conditions of the season and makes the exterior decorative and attractive. The correct cladding helps keep the buildings weather-tight and cost-effective, providing thermal insulation while minimizing the difference in temperature within the building. It also helps to improve the acoustic and daylight indoor lighting.

You can choose several types of external cladding from — brick cladding, vinyl cladding, stone cladding, metal cladding, and so on. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Another emerging material used for external cladding is composite wood. Composite wood is already used widely in a lot of indoor consumer furniture products. However, with recent innovations, they have become more versatile. They are equally suited for the harsh extremities of the external conditions.

Fiber wood exterior claddings made from composite wood rely on state-of-the-art co-extrusion technologies. The technology helps produce strong amalgamate claddings from different source materials. The improved technology allows precise integration of the source materials and generation of stunning designs as dictated by the die.

One significant advantage of using fiber wood claddings has to be the environmental friendliness of the product. When the source material consists of 95% waste material, you already have a tree-hugging product you can be proud of—sawdust and plastic waste form the 95% raw material for fiber wood exterior claddings. You can make a conscious choice of helping the environment by using products made from recycled waste. Not to mention, these claddings are biodegradable. Should you choose to get rid of them in the future, you can rest assured that the claddings will recycle

Speaking of shelf life, these claddings are built like a rock, and they will serve you well for several years. Only few manufacturers offer 20 years’ worth of warranty against discoloration. The product is battle-tested in various harsh weather conditions, and it has stood the test of time. Also, the exterior claddings resists UV rays penetration and come with a patented waterproof film that protects the wood from moisture absorption and stabilizes the material. What’s more the boards are termite resistant. Only the latest co-extrusion technology is used to produce these highest quality claddings.

Ventura International is an exclusive supplier of these premium quality bio-sourced claddings. The 100% recyclable fiber wood exterior claddings come in a unique embossed natural texture and various colors like Royal Teak, Brazilian Ipe, Silver Grey and Slate Grey.  They have a modern open joint appearance and are quick and easy to install.

While being eco friendly and conscious about the environment is becoming more and more critical, Ventura International endures to deliver the same while making sure of modern and classy appeal.

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