Having a free space to let the light overpower the furniture has been trending of late to bring in positivity and simplicity coupled with sophistication. The world is noticing a storm of minimalism, and unique techniques to bring in the change has been trending recently.

This article will cover basic techniques that you can use to adopt minimalism in your interiors

●     Setting a thumb rule – Less is more!

It’s appropriately said that “minimalism is about an intentional search for happiness” and hence for the same, to showcase in our daily life, we need to set a thumb rule – Less is more. Understanding and genuinely adopting less will turn to be more in terms of everything. It can include anything from furniture to fittings to utensils and much more. Just focus on what you need, nothing beyond that.

●     Inculcate minimalism in day to day life

Once your lifestyle on daily bases encompasses little things and simple living, the same mirroring effect will be seen instinctively inside the houses. For example, you need not put a whole collection of colognes in your dressing, when you need just one. Simplicity involves unburdening your life and living more lightly with fewer distractions that interfere with a high-quality life, as defined uniquely by each individual.

●     Maximise the usage of storage

The less you show, the more you are a minimalist. We all have a lot of past fixtures, clothes, furniture, etc. which we do not wish to throw away at once, hence utilising stores for archiving unwanted stuff is necessary. This will ensure not just minimalism, but sustainability as well. Also, with organising everything you might be able to optimise your daily utility and upcycling/recycling the non-required stuff.

●     Invest in quality

That’s a must! To remind you, minimalism is not about going cheap, rather its utmost luxury. Always remember, the quality of a product is way beyond everything. If you have invested in the premium quality interior, it will last longer and require minimum maintenance. 
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” -Leonardo da Vinci.

●     Adding a neutral/monotone tone

Neutrals throw the essence of minimalism. Paint your walls with neutrals and purchase products with a neutral colour to instantly flaunt that minimalist look. Also, monotones and minimalism go hand in hand. It’s classy, and it’s beautiful!

●     Cleanliness equals godliness

An advantage of minimalism is that you have a minimum to clean and maintain. But that minimum requires maximum attention because minimalism brings along that clean and precise aesthetic. One must not be carefree about it.

●     Make one in one out rule 

It is vital to have principles if you have taken a pledge to adopt minimalism. If you’re getting in one thing for your home, discard one item to maintain the balance. 

●     Use it or lose it 

Consistency in practising minimalism is prudential for a successful turnout. You can mark the items you have used for a reasonable period of time and give away the remaining for a better cause. 

●     Minimal Decor 

Invest in some premium architectural surfaces for the focal areas of the house. Keeping it minimal is the golden rule here. Minimum but the absolute best to match the theme and aesthetic of your home. Also, this might be a long term process and not something you want to do in one go, keep getting rid of the extras (showpieces, frames etc.). Your motivation should be to invest in premium luxury and all attention for the same.

●     Curtains can play a crucial role too

Colours of curtains are as important in nature as the product itself! Make sure to have monotone and simple curtains, serving just the purpose it is supposed to. 

Benefits of having minimalist interiors include:

  • Improved overall aesthetic
  • Better visual appeal
  • Financial Freedom
  • Easy upkeep and clean
  • Most notably, good for our planet

Hence, the sooner you begin your journey towards minimalism, sooner you will be able to live a life which will take you to the path of rightfulness!

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