A Touch Of Luxury At Every Step

When you imagine a luxurious-looking home, your idea can be very different from the next person. Perhaps you are imagining a luxurious living room featuring designer laminates in Delhi, but the next person is thinking about a bedroom with clean lines in design in contemporary style with more emphasis on eco-friendly arrangements like an abundance of natural light and greenery. Whatever your idea of a luxurious dream home looks like, we have a list of things that you can incorporate to elevate a sense of luxury and opulence in your home that can suit every taste and room size. From a gorgeous metallic wall for your study room to stunning furniture and art deco curtains looking straight out of the roaring twenties, check out some of our favorite ways of adding luxurious elements to your living space.

Creating a stunning place with luxe details:

  • Define your interior design style: Luxury is a state of mind that defines living the best life available, and it does not matter what your property or space looks like. The luxurious interior design style is all about well-executed ideas that are defined by quality and statement. Your living space should define your authentic personality translated into sophistication detailing and elegant finishes. So whether you dream of exterior louvers in Delhi decking up the driveway or imagine walking into a mid-century living with crisp lines and minimalism, choose a style that suits you best.
  • Check out designs from the finest interior decorators: Skilled and talented interior decorators are the masterminds behind an upscale living space. The experience and qualification to bring in different elements of fittings and decor to curate a luxurious design and finessed style can only be found in the work of top interior decorators. For instance, your interior decorator can get the finest wood veneers in Delhi NCR and the luxurious laminates from a different state to transform your living space into breathing heaven.
  • Finding what inspires you: Is it the old-school designs that fascinate you? Or bohemian aesthetics that sings a song for you? Luxurious interior styles are all about weaving your inspirations into reality with creativity and innovation. It’s also the art of pampering yourself with indulgence- whether it is all about installing a secret reading room that sparks a lifeforce in your farmhouse or installing high-end Italian laminates in Delhi NCR, in your own showering area! It’s all about channeling out your inner artist while working with your interior designer and bringing the best of ideas to life.
  • Planning your space strategically: The devil is in the details! Every stage of your interior design starts with a good plan. Each element that goes into these designs should be curated with care, featuring both functional as well as aesthetical details. Always go for proportional-sized fittings and installations to fill out your spaces, featuring the right selection of finishing materials and refined compositions.
  • Building of focal point: Give a USP to the overall look and feel of your space by bringing in something that steals the show. It can be anything from a statement-making painting to a vintage chandelier to a fireplace that reminds people of Tuscany to an elaborately painted accent wall that captures the attention of anybody walking into the room. If you are facing roadblocks in this, installing glass windows that boast unrivaled views or going for a traditional gallery wall can be a start too.

At Ventura International, a unique design approach starts with a holistic view of your home, taking into account important elements like architecture, surrounding landscape, sightlines, scale, and, most importantly, your lifestyle. We create cohesive, purposeful spaces that connect unique design elements from interior to exterior and room to room by approaching the design process holistically. Every project is custom-made to tell a story that is inspired by each client’s distinct tastes.