Metal and Prehistoric Man

Metals are an integral part of our existential history. While it sounds a little cliché, it is the truth that many researchers have also confirmed. Although the usable metals were fewer than today, they shaped our lives; for instance, there were only Silver, Lead, Iron, Gold, Tin, Copper, but they made an enormous impact on our lives. Let’s know more about them by digging deeper into the story of metals and their evolution.

How it impacts our daily life

Today, metals are involved in almost every aspect of our lives — from luxurious aspects to as primary aspect as health. For instance, it is believed that if the water is stored in copper pots, then it would become more nutritious, and hence, the same method has been in practice for centuries. There are other metals which are used in our daily life; for instance:-

  1. Tin is used to coat other metals to protect them from corrosion
  2. Regular household tools are made from iron
  3. Stainless steel is mostly used in kitchen cutlery, cookware, appliances
  4. Aluminum has almost infinite uses in our daily life; for instance, aluminum is used to make CDs, electric power lines, cars, kitchenware, refrigerators, packaging materials, furniture, and computers. 

Besides, there are some precious metals too, like silver and gold. Silver and gold were originally discovered in approximately 3000 BC and 2600 BC, respectively. Initially, these metals were used to create jewelry; however, with the passage of time, they carved pathways in the trade too. And later, people found that these metals are superconductors, and hence, they also found their usage in electronics.

Now, in 2021, Metals is also a big contributor to the Interior/Architecture Industry 

As we have already come across many metals that affect our daily life, let’s know about those that have decorative usages. For instance, aluminum, tin, gold, brass, silver, steel, and wrought iron, etc. They are used for creating a number of decorative elements, such as spiral staircases, gates, guardrails, decorative brackets, handrails, and cornices. One way to bring the element of Metal into your interiors is Metlam, a range of Premium Metallic Laminates from Ventura International. This is an extensive range of more than 100 real metal surface laminates curated from leading manufacturers in Germany & USA. This incredible collection adorns various prestigious venues across the country – residences, hotels, restaurants, clubs, movie halls and shopping malls.

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