Evolution of your interiors.

“As we evolve, our homes should too.” Evolution is the law of nature. Then why abandon your dream house behind in this splendour? Here’s how you can avoid this by augmenting the most pleasant, infallibly majestic, and lively elements from our chest to your home interiors. And turn it into a triumph for your and your guests’ eyes. There are tons of house décor elements, but the one we are here going to talk about is our newly arrived collection of exceptional laminates.  Laminates have always been a one-hand redeemer for the walls and floors of houses, offices, retail spaces, etc. But what if we say those traditional shades of laminates are quashing the evolution your walls desire? Now, this is where you might hit a snag. Of course- the newly arrived collection of our laminates will help your walls boost their charm in this case. But why should you choose our new collection? Keep reading you’re answer is here.

Laminates addvalue.

Laminates are developed by condensing ornamental sheets over other layers under huge pressure. They are glossy, sleek, and mesmerizing. Laminates are ever-evolving ingenious surfaces designed to provide warmth and comfort to your eyeballs. The laminates are made of 300 microns thick metal sheets, which is promising as per industry norms. Some laminates are combined with metal to add lustre and shine. Altogether, they add value, glamour, and elegance to any area they get installed.

Laminates are versatile.

Laminates are accessible in different shades and finishes. For instance, we have metal laminates, textured laminates, aesthetic laminates, etc. The laminates can be installed both indoors and in the vertical sections of your site.

 Metal Laminates are adequate if you want to develop resistance to your walls or ceiling. For eg: Polished gold tone, Mesh Bronze, Brushed Coppertone, etc.

AmberLaminatesis another range of our luxurious laminates that consists of embossed veneer texture products. A real wood veneer finish is the uniqueness of this range.

Beton laminates is one another range of laminates in our chest for you to choose from. They includea concrete & stone-based texture that adds glamour to your house.In short, a perfect pick for your abode.

Above all, the laminate range we provide is easy to clean, a feat to the eyes, and a show-off-worthy piece you can add to your abode.

Easy affordability and high performance

Laminates are easy to install, quite under your budget, and on top of all high on performance. What can be a better bid than this? Likewise, the new collection of our laminates is trendy, aesthetically appealing, reliable, and as mentioned before totally affordable. There are no excuses left to skip such a cool collection but only to grab them for your space.

Let your creative juices flow and choose your desired color, texture, and design personally. And get your personalized laminates accordingly.

Best pick for wall paneling

Architects prefer laminates over regular paints for room panelling. The reason being their durability, affordability, and high resistance against strain, abrasion, and scratches. As mentioned before, they are available in a wide variety which makes them everyone’s choice.

Laminates make wall paneling look effortless. And for that reason, we bet you are about to fall in love with our new collection.

Overall, laminates are the best option for your wall paneling, ceiling ornamenting, and for decorating any possible corner of your place. Ventura international assures you quality products and the upcoming II volume of our laminates is an addition to this effort. Do not extend more and hop onto our website and check out the designs. Let your house speak for you through us!