Mi Casa Su Casa: Faux Leather Panels To Up The Ante Of Your Interiors

It’s rare to find a material that can encompass both the extremes of the luxury continuum—leather can do that elegantly. Whether you want it to conjure up the sensual, feral appeal in your interiors or want it to soften the overall ambiance of your space, leather will be able to do that just in a heartbeat (well, let’s say after you install them completely).

What better way to communicate luxury than with faux leather panels? Our Casa Panels are just the answer and an alluring one, that too. Enriched with intricate texture and grains, Casa Panels are a go-to choice for interior designers who need to convey a decadent mood albeit in a tastefully sensuous way. As opposed to plain wallpapers or paint—which can make your walls appear too tame or boring, faux leather panels will, decidedly, make it spring to life—all thanks to their vivacity and rich warmth.

Since we always keep our eyes peeled for the latest interior trends, we were totally delighted to find leather accents making a resurgence. To be honest, we don’t think, leather can ever be out—it’s a pure classic that has and will continue to prettify spaces for years to come. So where all would our Casa panels look good? Well, if you ask us—we imagine a cozy home office with a wide wall behind the desk enveloped in the lushness of faux leather. While our Crocodile White and Chocolate shades look professional and polished—we’d recommend trying our recently introduced color palatte ranging from fresh turquoise hues to earthy tones to elevate your office space to a different dimension of contemporary classiness.

Another way of making a splash with faux leather panels is going the full throttle way—meaning using them with abandon in your living room. The beauty of Casa panels is that—despite their regal appearance, they don’t look intimidating and in fact, will help calm things especially if your interior is scattered with ornate pieces and hefty furniture. Likewise, if you just want one area of your living room to stand out, our deep turquoise Casa panel will make your space leap into action. We imagine it being set against a carved Provencal-style console—conjuring up a mysteriously sensual old-world appeal.

Casa panels can be used long term in wet environments—which means all your luxury will get fulfilled! If you want a lock, stock, and barrel modern Marie Antoinette look in your living room, bedroom and even bathroom—our richer faux leather panels which are moisture as well as termite resistant will help create a mood that’s downright dramatic and moody. The lighter tones will work particularly well with ceramics as well as marbles to keep things simple and light. Our Casa panels can be used for continuous wall coverage in residential, commercial, and hospitality environs. They are easy-to-install and can be bent 90 degrees—which means they won’t cut or get scuffed! Also, you don’t need to bend their edges to finish the corners.