Transitioning from 2019 to 2020

The level of excitement and anticipation in the beginning of the year is really invigorating and infectious. We are hopefully looking forward to starting a fulfilling year and focus all our energy into setting goals and outlining a roadmap to achieving them. But in this whole process, we forget just how important the year we waved goodbye to, has been.

zThe lessons it taught us, the people we met, the new professional relations we forged, the highs and the lows, the big design exhibits we participated in, et al., they all made our 2019 an unforgettable year.

So first of all, we like to thank our clients and channel partners for having faith in us, sticking with us, and being a part of our journey.

We are sure you must have heard the proverb “slow and steady wins the race” and 2019, for us, was an attestation to this universal truth. Our objective last year was to take one step at a time, be present in the moment so that we could fully do justice to the task at hand.

Team Ventura at Acetech Mumbai

It was with this unhurried mindset that we were successfully able to pull off big projects and participate in massive design events such as Interzum in Germany, India Interior Retailing in Delhi, and ACETECH in Mumbai.

Team Ventura at the India Interior Retailing in Delhi
Celebratory times with our channel partners in Germany


In 2019 we threw our doors open to 3 brand-new stores—two in Delhi and one in Jaipur. We also added new designs in our best-selling collections of surface decors including Casa Panels, Homapal (Trend Collection 2019), and Luxe Tiles. Our new addition, the fluted veneered wall panels—Vald’art was launched in December to be in lockstep with the growing trend of reeded surfaces.

Our Prive Studio in Mumbai, of which the behind-the-scenes work started well in 2019 is now in its last lap. The latest entrant in our growing brood, it is primed to bring the timelessness of German design and engineering to the connoisseurs and aesthetes of Mumbai.


The first month of 2020, so far, has been in keeping with the overall hopeful vibe. Our Delhi and Mumbai teams have been working around the clock to make the launch of our new store a successful event.

Our agenda for this year is to actively promote sustainability in every possible—whether it’s introducing more eco-friendly interior products or employing a green approach in our in-store design. We have hitched our wagon to sustainability for life and hope to enlighten and encourage our clients to opt for decors that are environmentally sympathetic. We all owe it to our planet and we are going to do our bit.

2019, thank you for making us wiser and paving the way for a good new year! 2020, we have met on a positive note and are thrilled to see what unfolds in the next 12 months!


Team Ventura